The Concrete Society is an independent membership organization bringing together all those with an interest in concrete to:
encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience across all disciplines to promote excellence in design, construction, appearance, and performance encourage innovation.

Please note: The Concrete Society is not an accrediting body and membership does not infer approval of work or working practices. The use of our logo is on application and subject to approval, only available to the corporate members.

We have a wide range of options to suit any individual or organization. Please click each category below for more details.

Student Membership
On-line access only for those in
full-time education
 Individual Membership
Basic package which gives access to a wide choice of products and services
 Individual+ Membership
Tailored for Sole Traders who need more than individual membership
Academic Membership
Designed for colleges and universities with access to a broad range of publications
 Corporate Membership
Based on Company Turnover, this category offers a wide variety of packages
 Retiree Membership
Discounted membership for those who have retired from the industry